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WELCOME to Wedderspoon Organic

Wedderspoon exclusively sources our honey varieties from the most pristine areas around the world. Our world’s finest raw and organic honeys are crafted to the highest standard of quality. Additionally, we are proud to announce that Wedderspoon is the first and only Non GMO verified Manuka Honey provider in the world. On the same note, all gourmet honeys sourced in New Zealand are also Non GMO verified.

Wedderspoon highly recommends browsing our other customer favourites such as our Organic Manuka Lozenges, and award winning natural body care line, Queen of the Hive. Further, be sure to peruse our selection of Organic Manuka Beeswax candles; they eliminate harmful toxins in the air and naturally clean the air you breathe.

Wedderspoon Organic ® - You are what you eat, so eat to be your best!